Saturday, January 24, 2009

First Look at New Apartment

Above: Zach and me in Zach's new bedroom reading a book.

We moved some stuff over to our new place today - check out some of the photos of the apartment. The apartment has brand new cherry wood floors throughout the entire apartment. All the rooms are very spacious and the kitchen has been newly remodeled as well. It's exactly what we were looking for!

Above: Me in the living room looking into the dining room - looks big huh? IT IS!

Above: Zach showing how big the place is.

Above: Zach looks like a dwarf in the large living room.

Above: Newly remodeled kitchen!

Above: Me excited about the hose like faucet in the kitchen.

Above: Zach and Me checking out the kitchen.

Above: Zach's bedroom!

Above: Clowning around.

Above: Zach hiding in our bedroom closet.

Above: Yeah!!! - a new home!

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