Sunday, January 11, 2009

Zach's 5th Birthday Party!

Above: The Three Mustacheketeers!

Zach had three Christmases and now three birthdays! All I have to say is he has enough toys to least him throughout the entire year! Zach had a great party at his mom’s house and tons of his school friends from the past and present came to wish Zach a happy fifth birthday.

Above: Skulls!

Above: Zach ready to dig into his Indy cake.

Above: Zach making a wish.

It was a great party with an Indiana Jones theme. The cake was pretty impressive - for anyone looking for a tasty cake and some pretty impressive decorating skills - go to Bell Market on Church Street in Noe Valley, California.

Above: Paul gearing up the brood for the scavenger hunt!

Above: And the game begins!

Above: The race is on!

Above: Zach having a seriosu moment with his friend Justin.

It was a beautiful 70-degree January day and Carrie set up a really fun scavenger hunt in front of the amazing Palace of Fine Arts. The kids were running around looking for glues and it was a bit chaotic, but a blast watching the kids get some energy out. After that, it was time to break open the piñata!

Above: Piñata time!


Check out the beautiful pictures from the party!

Above: Party is over!


Michael Rivers said...

What great pictures! Thanks for sharing. The last picture, "The Party is Over" is adorable! That could make a great framed gift one day.

Lynn said...

Can you guys handle my son's Birthday?! Great job!