Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sidewalk Stencil Art

Above: Our new home in Lower Haight.

We are finally all moved into our apartment and living in Lower Haight in San Francisco. We are still exploring the Haight district of SF. So far I am lovin' it. Our old neighborhood, Noe Valley was a bit more middle to upper class families. Lost of kids in strollers and families walking around and on the outskirts of the heart of the city. The Haight is much closer to all the action and the people are interesting. I have seen such a variety of different people walking around the Haight - yes, there are many of the potheads that made the Haight what it is known for, but I like it. The vibe is positive, fun and energetic.

One of the things I noticed walking around our new neighborhood are sidewalk stencils. I walked by a bunch several times and thought, these are really cool and took some photos to share. Check em out! Stay tuned for more photos from our new place all decorated:-) I should have been an interior designer!:-P

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Michael Rivers said...

Thanks for sharing the photos! Very interesting art work. I'm sure you'll see many unique designs! Congrats on your new home!