Saturday, February 7, 2009


Above: No, it's not a Pottery Barn's our new home!

We have been in our new home one week and we have made a lot of progress with decorating the place. I have to say that this is my favorite home ever! I just love this place - it;s so beautiful and we have decorated it so beautifully so far - we still need some art on the walls and small stuff, but the big stuff is done. Pictures to come of the bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen!

Above: Living room.

Above: Another view of the living room.

Above: Zach loving his new home.

Above: Dining room/office.

Above: A view of the apt. coming from the kitchen.

Above: Ryan and me showing Joan her new home! Ha!

Above: I was lucky enough to find a really cool rug for the living room.

Above: Me and my bug eyes!

Above: Dining area.

Above: Zach helping put together the new TV stand.

Above: Zach looking like a carpenter AND a plumber!

Above: Home.


Michael Rivers said...

Everything is looking great! Do you have a guest bedroom for visitors? haha.

Menky said...

Sure! When you coming to SF!