Monday, February 23, 2009

Academy of Friends 2009 Oscar Gala

Above: Me and David all tuxed out!

I enjoy watching the Oscar Awards - always have - and I usually watch them at home with friends and chat about the winners and root for certain films to win. This year we were invited to a black tie event presented by the Academy of Friends called "A Night of Superheros Villains and Divas - sounds like they are describing Joan Crawford!

I went with my good ole pal Ryan - Paul was not able to attend - we had a blast making our way to the event in the pouring rain - it's been a monsoon here in SF lately. I have to say the event was rather impressive - it was a huge venue with hundreds of people all dressed to impress. I rented a tux - it was not the one I wanted - but it worked for planning at the last minute.

Above: Me and Matt - I look short compared to his 6'5 frame!

Above: The event was so well lit - it was beautiful.

Our friend Richard got us VIP tickets and we mingled with the VIP'ers. there were so many people, a vast silent auction and they were raffling off a car! Pretty cool event with tons of booze and amazing food/snacks. it felt like we were at the Oscars!

Above: Me and Ryan were the belle's of the ball! Peach & Daisy!

Above: An amazing performer on stilts the entire night!

Above: David and Matt are all smiles.

Above: Glinda the good witch!

Above: Awesome art sculpture.

Above: A night to remember!

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