Saturday, May 3, 2008


Above: Zach loved making his ice cream sundae!

What a beautiful weekend! This Saturday, Zach and Paul went on a hike near the Golden Gate Bridge while I was at softball practice. A little bird told me Zach was flirting with a bunch of girls while Paul was taking pictures of Zachary on his hike!

Above: Zach on his hike with his dad - very happy!

Above: I'm the king of San Francisco!!!

Last night, our two friends Troy and Richard invited Paul, Zachary and me over to their house for a fun night! We had a really great time. Troy and Richard are in the final stages of adopting a child and we are really hoping the child they adopt is around Zach's age. It would be great to have another couple like Paul and I that has a child - our fingers are crossed!

Above: Richard and Zach play foozball.

Above: Troy, Richard and Zach playing shuffle board.

So once we got to Troy and Richards we went to a cool rec. room that had a basketball court, ping pong table, shuffle board, pool and a rock climbing wall. It was a blast. We played everything except for the rock climbing, which you have to take a class in order to climb it - it was massive! Zach and I were dressed in matching outfits - very 1940s al la Crawford! LOL!

Above: Me and Zach in matching outfits! So corny!

Above: Zach looks like a professional basketball player in this picture!

Above: Paul reliving his basketball days!

Above: Down for the count!

After burning off a ton of energy, we headed back to Troy and Richard's to make some mini pizzas for dinner! Zach loved making his own mini pizza and throwing it in the oven - I think he was thinking ahead and knew that after the pizza we were going to make sundaes! The sundae making was even more fun for all of us - I cannot remember the last time I made a hot fudge sundae. Zach said it was the best sundae he had ever had.

Above: Paul and Richard making their pizzas.

Above: Zach, me and Richard watching chef Zach take over!

Above: Pizza a la Zach!

Above: Zach about to eat his pizza creation.

Above: Zach enjoying his sundae making!

Above: YUMMO!

Above: Zach shoveling it in like it's the last sundae on earth.

Above: Licking his lips over the last bite.

Zach had a blast. He really is the best-behaved kid he is so good and was so polite and well mannered. It's nice to play a part in a child's life that is well behaved, smart, beautiful - I just love this kid to pieces. He impressed both Troy and Richard and seeing them with Zach I know they will make great fathers someday:-) Gay couple make great "dads" and I really challenge all the "nay sayers" that think two men cannot be good role models or good influences on a child. Paul and I both come from homes where we didn't have our fathers present. I think it plays a huge part in our involvement with Zach. I just wish he would stop growing so fast - 4 years old is a great age:-)

Above: This is probably on of the best pictures I have ever taken. Zach and Richard playing Star Wars. I love how this picture came out.

Above: Zach and his Star Wars fleet.

Above: The end of a great day!


PJ said...

This really was a great day. Make your own sundaes was definitely a big hit with all of us!!

Anonymous said...

Zach is getting big.

What a cool view from your frieds that a train yard?


Menky said...

Hey Frank!

Yes, Zach is getting pretty big!

The view you are referring to is quite amazing, I wish I would have taken a better picture of the view. It overlooks a vast portion of the city, the apartment complex is right next to AT&T Park home to the SF Giants. It does look like some sort of train or subway station seen in the photo.

Anonymous said...

What a super entry! Thank you so much, Neil. We'll meet soon in the city by the bay! ;))

Julie L.