Wednesday, May 7, 2008

#1 in 27 countries!

After over 25 years of worldwide success, Madonna proves that she has outshined any of her contemporaries, divas in waiting or past divas. Madonna released her 11th studio album, "Hard Candy," last week and it has charted at number one in 27 countries! No other female artist in history can have those bragging rights. Madonna puts to shame wannabe young non-talent hopefuls such as: Ashlee Simpson, white trashster Lindsey Lohan and Miley Cyrus. Congrats Madonna on your continued success and doing it at an age (50 this August) when the media tries to put woman out to pasture. Thanks to Madonna for turning that ridiculous stereotype around.


RyanThomas said...

I am so happy that this album is doing well. It shows that she knows how to be relevant. I do tend to prefer her more avant garde music, but a good contemporary dance album added to the mix is always welcome.

Inspire us all Madonna! She is fab!

Menky said...

WORLD TOUR BABY! We are going!