Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Last Weekend

Above: Like Father, like Son..crashed out after a long weekend.

So this is the last weekend before the future historic trip to Mexico! The final count is in and there are 18 of us going to Mexico for 6 days. So, sixteen of our very good friends will be with us in Mexico, you can be sure there will be several posts about the trip on the blog!

Above: Bill and Clint. Clint is one of my close Joan Fan friends!

Anyway, all of us are gearing up for this huge trip and we are all giddy and excited. Paul and Zach went to Dolores Park and most everyone that is coming to Mexico with us were there as well. I went to get my vacation haircut at this new place near out house, I decided to mix it up and try a new hairdresser, yes, highly dangerous right before a vacation - the haircut could have gone all wrong, but I love it. It's very short in the back and on the sides - very manageable. After that, I met one of my Joan fans friends from Atlanta. He was in town with his partner and we met for lunch. It was great seeing Clint and meeting his partner Bill. Super nice guys!

Above: After a huge victory, Pups players - Me, Jeff, Gorden and Yan.

On Sunday, we had out last softball game for a while and we were playing an undefeated team. So, we were just keeping it real and not expecting much. We ended up not only beating this undefeated team, but we killed them willing 25-2! DOH! After the game, I hung out with The Pups and Pups fans at the famous restaurant, Harvey’s named after Harvey Milk.

Above: Celebrating at Harvey's, fans and players: Jeremy, David, Yan and Michael.

Paul and Zach were scheduling a play date with one of Zach's schoolmates, Justin. I have never really been around when Zach interacts with other children. Zach is an only child and I don’t get the opportunity to see Zach with other kids. Zach is very comfortable with Justin since they go to school together. So I got to see Zach play with his friend Justin. Zach is definitely a little bossy boy! I couldn’t imagine him having a younger brother or sister, Zach would rule the roost! He's a my way or no way type of kid...I wonder where Zach gets THAT from!

Above: Zach and his friend Justin hamming it up on the drive home.

Above: Zach and Justin playing a game of Memory.

Above: Snack time!

This could be my last post for a while until I get back from Mexico..stay tuned for the details, drama and day-by-day update of the trip!


carrie said...

That's an incredible picture of Paul and Zach sleeping... I'm assuming one of them is faking it? I forgot to thank you for the really sweet Mother's day post. It was so nice, and I actually liked the picture of me for once :-)

Menky said...

Actually, that black and white photo of Zach and Paul sleeping is real. Zach was so tired on Saturday that he crashed on the couch with Paul (Paul was in and out of slepp). I want to get that picture framed, it really did come out nice. :-)