Sunday, May 11, 2008

I Taste…a Hint of Peach

Above: The best wine of the night!

Last night Paul and I were invited to a small gathering at our friends Troy and Richard. They were hosting a wine tasting event at their home – it was a small group and wine snobs were not allowed! I am not the biggest wine drinker but I thought it would be fun. Richard had the wines hidden in velvet bags with numbers on them and we had to vote as a group which wine tasted better, the make of the wine and the years. It was pretty fun. We started with the red wines – I am not a fan of red wine but I sampled the six red wines. A few of them were pretty tasty but anything would have tasted great after six glasses of wine. Ugh! Wine tasting most always turns into a drunkfest!

Above: Paul inspecting the wines closely!

Above: Johnny and me toasting a tasty glass of wine.

Above: I think Paul tastes a hint of peach in his glass.

Above: Sarah, John and Danny enjoying the wine bar.

As it always happens with any wine tasting, everyone was feeling the grapes of wrath as the night rolled in. I think Richard was feeling it the most since as you can see from a few of the pictures below. Richard, don’t kill me for posting your funny wine buzzed photos!

Above: Oh Richard - one too many glasses!

Above: John, Me and Garrett

Above: Katrina and James

Above: The wine tasting boys.

Above: And this is where the party got messy!


Garrett said...

Who are those messy boys in the last picture?!

Menky said...

LOL! Hmmm I wonder! Looks like he is crushing you!