Friday, May 30, 2008

Murder in Mexico

I am almost done with my lengthy post on our trip to Mexico but I wanted to post this really quick. Paul, Ryan, Will and I were with this person the day she was stabbed in Puerto Vallarta!! There was a drag show on the night she was killed and we were there with this person. INSANE!! Click the photo above to read more about the murder. You can also read more about Felicia at her personal site below.

Stay tuned for more on our Mexico trip...


RyanThomas said...

This is why you always go to your tricks place and never bring one home! It's easier to run then it is to clean up and dispose a body. Secondly, a trick wont have motive to steal anything from their own place!

Or there is always the hippie way of going about things...make it group fun. Safety in numbers!

Dulcette. said...