Friday, May 16, 2008

Zach Plays Hookey

Paul took Zacahry to see a SF Giants game yesterday, Zach enjoyed a day off from school and WHAT a day to take off! It was near 100 degress yesterday and today will be the same ..we are in a heatwave and it's nice! The weather here never really gets above 70 degrees on average and at night it dips down to a coll 40-50 degrees which I love! I hate the freezing cold and I hate the humid super hot weather, SF is a prefect balance of comfort.

So, Zach and Paul went to AT&T Park and enjoyed the game for a short time until it got too unbearable with the heat and Zach became bored with the whole thing. Wish I could have been there. Enjoy the photos!


Carrie said...

That's an incredible picture of Paul and Zach sleeping... I'm assuming one of them is faking it? I forgot to thank you for the really sweet Mother's day post. It was so nice, and I actually liked the picture of me for once :-)

Menky said...

Actually, that black and white photo of Zach and Paul sleeping is real. Zach was so tired on Saturday that he crashed on the couch with Paul (Paul was in and out of slepp). I want to get that picture framed, it really did come out nice. :-)