Sunday, February 4, 2007

Lucky Charms

Do you remember when you were a kid and you liked eating certain breakfast cereal? I specifically remember liking Flintstones, Captain Crunch (even though it tore up the roof of my mouth) and Lucky Charms. I remember picking the marshmallows out of the box and leaving the crumby cereal part that tasted like garbage. Well, Zachary has been introduced to Lucky Charms cereal and guess what!?... he is enjoying the marshmallows! He asks every morning if he can have more of the "good part" of the cereal:-) If anyone likes the "bad part" of the cereal, let me know because I have a few boxes of Lucky Charms without any of the "good parts" in it.

Last weekend, Paul and I went shopping with the slew of gift certificates we received from Christmas; we mostly bought clothes for Zachary. While we were entering Union Square in San Francisco, we saw thousands of people protesting the war. I had forgot it was the day everyone was coming together to speak out against the war. It was quite exciting and I am one of the many that is against the war so it was pretty fun. So I took a slew of pictures and I picked my top three pictures from the protest. See below for my top three pictures.

#1 George Bush is depicted in a cage/jail cell. This was quite amusing, people were feeding him bananas!!

#2 Ralph Wiggum from The Simpsons! How priceless is that picture!!

#3 A young guy sitting in a tree watching the spectacle.

I bring my camera everywhere I go just in case I see something interesting and different to photograph and the above protest was a great place to take some photos. Another great place is the entire city of San Fran and I have found some humorous sites to photograph recently. Below are some of my favorite random photos of stuff; I will call this feature, "Around San Francisco:"

Note: Click on images to see a larger view!

Two more payments and it's ours...

Above: This house is a couple streets over from us. Pretty creative huh?

Trailer Park Graffiti

Above: Some of the poetic verses on the side of the trailer are priceless!

The Paul Doll...

Above: A doll designed just for Paul! What's going on with the "junk" on this doll! Good lord!

The Castro Rubber Ducky...

Above: This sums up the Castro in SF. This was lying on the street a couple blocks up from where we live. Nice huh!?

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Patrick said...

Yes, I love Lucky Charms. I remember once when I was a kid I picked out all the marshmellows in a box and had a bowl of just them and the milk. It was delicious. Why they don't make a cereal that is all marshmellow charms is beyond me. As an adult, I think the mixture of charms and cereal is very good.