Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Softball Season is in Bloom

This past Saturday was clinic day for the San Francisco Softball League. Paul, Zachary and I headed out to Kimball field to see if we could get on teams. It was a glorious Sunday with record temperatures; it reached 77 degrees in San Francisco so it was actually quite warm for the tryouts. We all put on numbers; yes-even Zachary and we joined the other players on the field. The softball league out here is a tad older than the Boston Softball league. I was one of the older players on my team last year and this year, I could be one of the youngest - go figure.

Jamie White and I went into the beginner crowd and we learned how to throw, since I won't be throwing the ball back to Clisham anymore, I have to really learn how to throw a ball now. I actually felt I was way ahead of the others throwing so it made me feel good, but as always I wasn't paying attention throughout the entire time and Jamie threw a ball at me and it nailed my in the shoulder - par for the course. So I have a nice bruise on my shoulder, it's ok; I ain't doing any beauty pageants this week.

Zachary was drafted before Paul and I on a team so that was a bit discouraging for us but Paul and I did get drafted to a team. We both got drafted to the Pilsner Pups! (Although, I do have another offer from another team, so I'll have to make my final decision this weekend.) I will be playing in the D- division (which is comparable to the Boston C-division) and Paul will be playing in the C-Division (which is comparable to the Boston B-division. So there are two Pilsner Pups teams in separate divisions. The San Francisco league is rather large in size with 20 teams alone in the C-Division and more than 35 teams combined. Needless to say, the closeness of the Boston Softball League won't be found with 35+ teams.

Also this weekend, Paul, Zach and I went to the beautiful Dolores Park near our house. Zachary made a new friend - her name is Olivia. They had a blast playing soccer, running and laughing at the park. Olivia is a year older than Zachary; her parents are two gay dads who were very nice. They were telling us about a group for gay dads that meet at parks, zoos and other events with their children. So that was encouraging and something to look forward to. Click the link below to see more photos of Zach and Olivia at Dolores Park!


Anonymous said...

Zachary is so adorable!

Anonymous said...

Zachary is so adorable!

Jonathan said...

Wait...explain to me one more time how you're playing softball in February? It snowed here last week! Congratulations Pilsner Pup...the Brushbacks miss you!

Menky said...

Ahhh, see that's the beauty of living in San Francisco! It was in the 70's all last weekend:-) So nicer weather equals a longer softball season, not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing? LOL No team can ever take the place of the Brushbacks, I will miss the team:-)