Monday, February 26, 2007

The Mint

This past Saturday night Paul, Jamie and I went to a really cool karaoke bar called "The Mint." I am too damn shy to sing in front of people and Paul didn’t want to clear the place out with his singing BUT our dear friend Jamie has a set of pipes. I have only seen Jamie sing at church, so I was excited to hear him sing a modern pop song. Jamie decided to sing "Sweet Thing" by Chaka Kahn, one of my favorite songs. Jamie nailed that song! It was so good that I am campaigning for Jamie to be on American Idol next season.

So after Jamie's performance the bar started to get crazy. A group of people dressed in random costumes came into the bar and started dancing all over the place and acting bizarre. It was so much fun! One of them got on stage with a full mouth of gold teeth and started singing "Kiss" by Prince. It was hilarious and everyone was dancing half naked in the bar. It was wild!! Then the songs kept getting better...people were getting up on stage and singing classics like "Baby Got Back," "Bootylicious" and "Ice, Ice Baby." Paul actually transformed into Vanilla Ice when he heard "Ice, Ice Baby." Below is a picture of Paul at The Mint...toild you, he transformed into Vanilla!

We met some interesting people at The Mint, an amazing black woman named Yvette who sang "Missionary Man" she was a great singer and we met a really friendly bartender named Ben that took a liking to Paul:-) For the most part The Mint was a great time; there were some amazing singers, drunken singers, stripper singers and even William Hung wannabes singing "She Bangs." If you ever get a chance to go The Mint I highly recommend bringing a camera and your dancing shoes!

Above: Ben the bartndet at "The Mint."

Above: Yvette and her gang!


Ruthbea said...

I so miss the Mint. I used to love to go there as much as possible. I may even been one of the first people to tell Paul about it???

Menky said...

Ruthbea!!! I miss you! You need to some to San Fran and then we can have a blast at The Mint!!