Friday, February 23, 2007

American Idol

Above: Good riddance to the first four contestants to be voted of American Idol

Ok, I admit I am a huge American Idol Junkie! I cannot help myself, deep down inside I want to be on that show and I would try out for it but I am too damn old to be on the show, the cut off is 30 years old! Ha, it's funny to think that I am too old to be on a particular show. Oh well, I can live vicariously through my favorite idols for Season six of American Idol.

My favorite singer this year is the diva of the show, Lakisha Jones! I call her a diva because she has the same last name as my friend, Jon Jones:-) and Lakisha can SANG! She is amazing and I love how humble she is about her talent. She is my pick to win the entire show.

Above: Lakisha "Jon" Jones

Another amazing vocalist out of the girls on idol is Melinda Doolittle. Melinda is another powerful African American female singer with passion and the pipes to prove it. She is also very humble AND she is 29 years old, one of the "older" contestants. Maybe if she wins the show will up the age restrictions to 35 years old so next year I can be on American Idol:-)

Above: Melinda Doolittle

None of the guys on the show this year have a chance of winning, the girls are just too dam good, BUT I do like three of the guys on the show. All three of these guys have the charisma, voice and style to make it far in the competition. So I am predicting these three guys will be the last men standing.

Above: Brandon Rogers

Above: Phil Stacey

Above: Blake Lewis (cough, porn star name.)

Stay tuned for my weekly American Idol updates, if your watching the show,let me know who's your favorite idol!

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