Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Winter in San Francisco

Moving away from Boston was very hard for me since I love that city so much but San Francisco is growing on me:-) Probably the best thing about being in San Francisco this time of year is the weather. It's 60 degrees and sunny today and this coming weekend it is supposed to reach 70 degrees! Perfect weather for the softball tryouts, and yes, I am wearing my boy’s size small baseball pants, how the hell else am I going to get on a team!? Not for my skills in actually playing, but for distracting the players, this IS a gay softball league. If you got the ASSets, use them to distract the players so you can win☺

Above: Check out my those chicken legs!

Back to the weather... Paul is in Toledo, Ohio all week and he was telling me about how cold it is and about the blizzard Ohio is getting right this very minute! So, I looked on the weather map and noticed that Boston is in store for it's first major snowstorm this year. Looking at this weather map below made me realize what I don't miss about Boston. Looks like fun, have fun shoveling!

So while Paul is in Toledo driving around in a rented jalopy in the snow, Zachary and I are enjoying the nice weather. I have Zachary all by myself for three days this week and I am proving that I can be a dad, thank you very much! Thank God Zachary has a sense of humor because he was laughing at me this morning because I can’t for the life of me figure which side is the front and the back of a diaper. He was seriously laughing hysterically at me.

All in all Zachary and I get along great, we danced to Supercalifragilisticexplialidocious watching Mary Poppins and we played a mean game of dominoes as well. He is the best three-year old ever! Zachary is going to be the most well rounded kid in the world, girls will be knocking down his door not just for his cute looks, but for all that he has been exposed to. Music, movies, different cities new people, different lifestyles and great food (he ate two helpings of a taco salad I made last night.) And he has two amazing parents as well. All of this has brought out this amazing personality in him and I am in awe of how personable he is. He is already way ahead of half the straight male population and he is on three years old! Go Zach!

Above: Zachary makes a new friend, Shaniqua, at Softball practice last weekend!


PJ said...

Just wondering who took that picture of you changing the diaper. Did Zach take it?

Alexander Starsmore said...

If Zach took it then he truly is an extremely advanced 3 y/o. lol. It sounds like daddyhood (which by the way, never would have associated the word daddy with you Neil hehe till i saw those pics) is fitting you nicely. Oh and btw, only had to shovel my steps thank you very much. :-p Stay warm PJ, and Neil, send some of the sun eastward.


Menky said...

So the picture above, of what everyone thinks is me changing a diaper, is not me! I swear to God that is a stock shot I took off of Corbis images. I saw it and said, "This guy looks like me," and posted it. Everyone thinks it's me in that picture changing a diaper so I guess I truly have a twin out there.:-)

Fooled ya all!