Monday, February 26, 2007

Lucky #3

Above: Lucky number "3" Paul, Zach and Neil!

Today is my birthday!!! I am 33 years old today. I am feeling that the #3 will be my lucky number this year. Many things around me have been adding up or are the #3. Zachary turned 3 years old this past January. I started my new job on January 3rd. I have a 3rd nipple. See all these things are good things, well I guess I could do without the 3rd nipple.

For the most part my birthday was great. Paul and Zachary cooked me a great dinner and bought me a cake with Winnie the Pooh accessories. Zachary picked out the cake! They also got me a new set of dominoes, a gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure (I have never had either); a great shirt and this really cool pair of pants that I wanted. They are very unique, although I can't fit my big ass in them so I have to get a larger size. Sigh. Not sure why I gain all my weight in my rump. Oh well it could be worse!

Thank you to all my friends who called me and emailed me birthday wishes; it was very thoughtful of all of you:-)

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