Saturday, February 10, 2007

Game Night In San Francisco

One of the things I miss the most about being in Boston was having a monthly gathering of my friends and playing board, card and dice games. I started game night back in 2004 in Boston when I didn't have any friends. I was tired of trying to meet people and make friends in bars, which didn't work.... so I decided to post an ad on Craigslist for people who were interested in getting together once a week to play board games. The result ended up with me having a small group of friends over every Friday night and it grew into a monthly game night/party with 30+ people or more. Game night was much more than getting together to just play games, it was a way to interact with people that you normally wouldn’t interact with. It was also a way that a lot of us came out of our shells and found the courage and strength to do things we never thought we would. It changed my life and I know it changed the lives of others.

Above: The three original "game nighters," Isaias, Patrick & Ray, also my good freinds.

Now that I am living in San Francisco, I contemplated whether to start up another game night out here. Was game night just a fluke that happened in Boston and would it really worked again if I went around it the same way? Paul and I decided to post a game night ad, the same way I did back in 2004. There were a few responses and we set up a game night that took place this past Friday, Feb 10th. Our good friend Jamie from Boston joined us in the first game night as well as four other guys, Sven, Rudy, Mike and Kaushal. The group of guys were a very diverse mix of people of all ages and races.

Above: Just a few of the many good freinds that came together at game night in Boston.

I was skeptical at first whether or not game night would be a success or not, but in the end we all had a great time. We played board and card games until 1am and we all had a blast. It really showed that this diverse mix of people could get together and enjoy each other's company. Outside of game night, this group of people would have most likely never had any interaction with one another. One guy is from India, one from Mexico another is European... the group so diverse! I loved that we all had this common bond and we are learning from each other.

Above: Pretty diverse huh?

The sweet success of another game night group.... I am excited to learn and grow from these people and make new friends:-)


Patrick said... you are making me miss our game nights! damn you for moving to SF...Damn you straight to hell...or Cleveland !

Menky said...

LOL! Trust me, no group of people could ever take the place of the original game night members:-)

Frank said...

I was thinking about game night tonite while I walked by your old adress...we all miss it, and you and PJ too!

Menky said...

Miss you too Frank!!