Saturday, January 27, 2007

Red Sox Fever

Above: Now that the Pats are done...on to the Red Sox!

The above photo is a future Patriots fan in mourning. Zachary was all dressed up in his Patriots garb ready to celebrate. (Even though he calls his Brady shirt his Red Sox shirt) Patriots Superbowl XLI R.I.P.

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After the disappointing outcome of the Patriots/Indianapolis game last weekend, there was only one thing to do, look forward to the Red Sox. I am not a huge Red Sox fan, but we all know Paul is a diehard fan. After the Patriots loss, I really thought he was going to cry, he's such a passionate New England sports fan. Anyway, to chase away those Patriots blues Paul, Zachary and I went to the San Francisco Giants AT&T Baseball Park to get into the spirit of the upcoming baseball season. The park was open that day for people to explore the park, get autographs from Giants players and just tour the grounds. It was also a great way for people who cannot afford to buy tickets to get a glimpse of what they are missing. Sad but true. Paul already bought a bunch of Giants tickets for the upcoming season, nosebleeds seats, but hey, it ain't the Sox.

Above: Zachary pointing out that Red Sox are still Number one!

The baseball field was dug up and people were restricted to go too many places. We told Zachary he was going to a park so he was looking for the slide, swings and other kids to play with. All he could see was an oversized sandbox that he could not play in. So we all sat in the stands and looked around and prepared ourselves to be fly by night Giants fans. Zachary got into the spirit of things and started making faces at the park, which translated into..."this ain't Fenway!!!" Like father, like son.

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