Friday, January 5, 2007

Welcome to San Francisco!

I am here!!!I was worried when I got on the plane to California from Boston because I was carrying some of my prized possessions: my clothes, styling products AND my new iMac computer! So, I was a nervous wreck that they were going to lose my luggage or it was going to get stolen. The flight was great; when all of you come out to visit us, fly Jet Blue. It's well worth the extra cash. I arrived at Oakland airport early, which was great although it was 11:30pm and I was running on East Coast time so it was really 3:30am for me. I ran to the luggage carousal so I could see the luggage as it was being plopped out onto the carousel. When I arrived there were two other flights waiting for their luggage as well so I had no chance of getting a Birdseye view. After waiting a half an hour for the entire luggage to come out, I was the last one standing by the carousel and my luggage and computer were nowhere to be found. Of course, I was irate. Luckily, I didn't have to pull off my weave and gold toofh and get all ugly on everyone. They had special care instructions for my computer and I was thrilled that they took such care in it. As I started to ask about my suitcase, I saw this lady throwing a bag back onto the carousel belt and I noticed it was mine, she had accidentally took my bag. Thank God she retuned it.


My first day of work was great! It's an easy drive from Noe Valley to Sausalito. It's pretty much a straight shot to the Golden gate Bridge and then the first exit after the bridge and BAM, I am at work. The first week at work has been great, people are very friendly and the vibe here is great. Check out this picture below that is the view from the office. SICK! I am already being thrown into the New Business madness. I am working on two pitches this month. Let's hope the lucky streak I had at Arnold carries over here. Another eerie sign from above that I am in the right place was watching the agency video. All new employees have to watch this video that shows creative work and what the agency stands for. I popped in the video and the song "We're Going to be Friends" by the White Stripes started to play, the same song that was in my going away photo presentation! I was floored, what a weird coincidence. It made me smile and think about all my friends back in Boston hat I really miss and all the new ones I am going to make here...

Tonight I'll dream while in my bed
when silly thoughts go through my head
about the friends that I have met
and when I wake tomorrow I'll bet
that all of us will walk together again
cause I can tell that we're always going to be friends

New picture of Paul and Zach on the "Rody" post. Click the link below to see new photos!

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