Tuesday, December 26, 2006


This Christmas was one of the best that I can remember in a long time. This is the first Christmas where Zachary is starting to understand Christmas and enjoy the gifts he's receiving from everyone. Paul dressed up as Santa to greet Zach with some gifts and right after "Santa" left, you could hear Zach say, "Was that Daddy?" HA! Too smart for his own good. Zachary and Paul have really lifted my spirits around the holidays, I don't have a large family of my own to celebrate holidays with and having Paul and Zach as my family has made the holidays so enjoyable.


One of the highlights of having a child in your life around Christmas is seeing them enjoy all the gifts they open. Buzz Lightyear from the movie "Toy Story" was a hit with Zach, but the real winner was a gift that seemed destine to be tossed aside and never used. That gift was Rody. Rody is a plastic toy similar to an exercise ball that has a handle and a small child can bounce around on it. Pretty basic and simple, which is why I liked Rody so much. Zach had so much fun on this toy it was so amusing to see his enjoyment in one of the less flashy toys. As you can see below, "someone else" also enjoyed Rody as well.:-)

My going away party was three days before Christmas and the majority of my close friends came over which was very nice since it was right before the holidays. Paul, Patrick and other friends helped create this really great collage of pictures set to music that was displayed on the living room wall. It was very touching to see and I did my best to keep the tears from flowing by telling making fun of the pictures. It was really great to see all those good times over the past few years with the people closest to me. It was better than any Christmas gift I could of asked for. Thank you to all of you for the memories and a great going-away party! Go to the below link to see the party photos! Thanks Patrick:-)

Neil, Paul & Jody


Another great gift earlier this week was a Christmas present from Turner Classic Movies, they featured my book on their website which should generate some sales for the book. I am very happy about this, the book still has a few more months before it hits stores, but it's a great "buzz" for the book. Click the link below to see the book featured on the TCM website.


This is my last week in Boston and I have tons of stuff to pack and throw away. I will be living in San Francisco in less than a week!!!

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Lenington said...

Congrats on the book, Menty! SO Proud! I looked on TCM's site...you might want to talk to them about the screw up on your bio! It's missing some info...I took the liberty to add in some missing info!

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