Thursday, December 7, 2006

My Book is Available for Pre-Order!

Yesterday was my last day at Arnold, another chapter closed. Moving forward.... my new book was just announced for pre-order on my publisher's website this morning! Below are the details on the book:

Joan Crawford
An Illustrated Guide to Her Appearances in Film, Radio and Television
By: Michelle Vogel and Neil Maciejewski Foreword by Casey LaLonde
120 photographs, filmography, bibliography, index hardcover (7 x 10) 2007


Born March 23, 1904, in San Antonio, Texas, Joan Crawford began life as Lucille Fay LeSueur. Abandoned by her father and mistreated by her mother, Crawford was determined from an early age to succeed in the world of acting. While her early attempts did little to make her a star, her determination and perseverance paid off as she became one of Hollywood’s legends.

Focusing on a career which spanned six decades and more than 80 movies, this volume is the definitive reference guide to Joan Crawford’s life and show business career. It explores her introduction to show business through her step-father’s opera house, her initial work as a dancer under stage name Billie Cassin and her eventual 1925 entry on to the silver screen. It follows Crawford through her marriages to Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Franchot Tone, Phillip Terry and Alfred Steele. Crawford’s work with a number of big-name actors including Clark Gable, Fred Astaire, Spencer Tracy and Henry Fonda as well as her relationship with studio giants MGM and Warner Bros. are also discussed. A complete filmography provides details starting with Lady of the Night in 1925 through Trog, released in 1970. Never-before-seen photographs including rare candids and behind-the-scene shots accompany Joan Crawford’s amazing story.

About the Authors

Film historian Michelle Vogel is the author of Olive Thomas (2007), Marjorie Main (2006), Children of Hollywood (2005) and Gene Tierney (2005). She lives in Brooklyn, New York. Joan Crawford historian Neil Maciejewski lives in San Francisco, California. Casey LaLonde, Joan Crawford's grandson, lives in Pennsylvania.

HOOOORAYYY!! This book has been a labor of love and it's very exciting to see it actually ready for pre-order. The cover of the book and the page count is still undetermined but there will be 120 photos and it will be a hardcover book.

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Patrick Lentz said...

Congratulations on the upcoming book. It looks fabulous !