Sunday, January 21, 2007

Fast Car

On the edge of Noe & Castro Valley is this great park called Dolores Park. The view of the downtown San Francisco skyline is quite impressive. The park is usually packed with people from all walks of life and a ton of dogs. This park has become the park that we walk to when we have Zachary to enjoy the fresh air and the views. Recently, we were walking through Dolores Park and on our way to the jungle gym, I noticed a familiar face coming towards us. She had long dreadlocks, a big white smile, was dressed in a black leather jacket and walking her dog. Her trademark look is very recognizable and I knew who it was right away. Tracy Chapman. I love Tracy Chapman’s music and one of my favorite songs of hers is called "The Promise. I was carrying Zachary and muttering to Paul under my breath, "That's Tracy Chapman, look…look." He immediately recognized her as well and as she passed us she looked at us and gave us a nod and a huge smile. She had the friendliest face and smile I have ever seen. It’s kind of cool to think that Tracy Chapman lives in your neighborhood. So every time we go to Dolores Park, I am having Zachary bring his guitar so he can play it for her, hey maybe she will offer some lessons.:-)

Click on the above picture of Zach to see a bigger view!


Patrick said...

Oddly enough...I met Tracy Chapman (cough, cough)uhmmmmmm....nineteen years ago. We are both very very old now.

Frank said...

I remember her Harvard Square days!
She has the warmest smile!

miss ya!