Tuesday, January 23, 2007

June 30th 2007

The publisher to my upcoming book, Joan Crawford: An Illustrated Guide to Her Appearances on Film, Radio and Televison ( wow, that's a mouthful) will be released and in stores on June 30th 2007. It was originally scheduled for a spring release, but it was pushed back due to some photography issues. The book is now available for pre-order through amazon.com. Go to the amazon link below to view. I know this book is a bit pricey at $45.00, but I am asking everyone to please buy this book! It's a hardcover 300+ page book with 120 rare photographs. The first run is only scheduled to be 500 copies. If the pre-order sales are good (they are already close to 100 copies pre-ordered) they will up the number of first run copies to be printed. So please, buy the damn book! :-)

The book is now featured on the home page of the Turner Classic Movies Website and on Warner Brothers Midnight Palace Website as well. See links below. I have an interview with both of the websites in the near future.

Click above image to see photo at full size

Click above image to see photo at full size

Ok this is hilarious! The book is featured on a Japanese website! HA! Check out the link below. I knew it would pay off to have Ray Shiao as a friend!:-)

Click above image to see photo at full size
Click here to see the book on Kinokuniya Bookclub

The book is generating great buzz considering it's four months away from being in stores. So buy a damn copy and I will sign it for you:-P See that's worth buying to have my signature!

For a weekly update on the book progress, go to link below to see my "Book Journal" I created on my Joan Crawford website.

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