Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wet Yourself

Above: Me at the Joan Crawford even holding a Joan Crawford Tonner Doll, that I am proudly a part of producing, being released next month.

This past weekend I went to LA to a Joan Crawford Tribute UCLA was giving. It was fun, fans from all over the country flew out to come to the tribute, which started on November 21st, and ends December 20th. A full month of Joan at UCLA! Anyway, the highlight for me was they showed private home movies of Joan Crawford from 1939-1942 – Crawford at her prime – still young and very beautiful. These home movies showed a real side to Joan that not many have seen – this was only the second time these home movies were showed to the public.

Above: My friend, and Joan fan, Donna at the Billy Wilder Theater.

So this past Friday night, I met up with my Joan fan friends and we started watching the home movies at the Billy Wilder Theater in LA and all of a sudden my friend Donna and I smell a strong smell. It smelled like urine – bad urine like in someone’s pants for days. So we both look at each other and start gagging but we didn’t want to move yet because the home movies already started playing. So, we stuck it out and staying in our seats fanning the urine fumes. After the home movies, the feature film they were showing started right away so we didn’t get to move! So by this point, Donna is dry heaving and I start to laugh so hard I am bouncing around in my seat, tears streaming down my face I am laughing so hard. I almost wet myself – which would have only added to the fumes!

Above: Event planner, Sandra and Joan Crawford's grandson, Casey LaLonde holding two of the Joan Crawford prototype dolls!

My friends Sean and Jamie notice something is going on (for some reason they didn’t smell the fumes) and urge us all to move. So we moved to another area but my fits of laughter kept coming and going because it was so damn funny.

Next t day, we all were screening two Joan films. We sat in the same seats and we were hoping that the same man would not sit in front of us. Instead a woman did and Donna and I looked at each other and were like – please God let her not have pissy pants. All smelled well and we were smiling. After the first movie ended, the women in front of asks us what happened in the movie because she fell asleep and then she started going on a rampage about something completely off topic and we realized she was missing a few marbles. So, we were just trying to ignore her but she kept on babbling until the second movie started.

Above: Me Sandra and Casey.

As we are about ¼ of the way through the second film I hear a loud SNORE. It was so loud that it boomed through the theater, someone a few seats over from Donna fell asleep and was snoring so loud it filled the theater. Here we go again! I lost it – I was howling laughing I couldn’t stop. Sop throughout the film the snoring would come and go and I couldn’t look at Donna without going into hysterics. Ah, see how much fun all of you missed at the Joan films – you would have either laughed your ass off and possibly wet yourself OR had a few good movies to fall asleep to!



Anonymous said...

Who knew the audience would be just as entertaining as the films?! - LOL!

J said...

HILARIOUS! Beautiful photo of you. KNOCK OUT!