Monday, December 29, 2008

Boston Bar Crawl

Above: Me, Jon, Kevin & Paul.

While Paul and I were in Boston we were looking forward to seeing our friends in Boston. We saw MOST of them but not all. Really wish I could have seen Patrick, Frank, Jeff and many others but we did see a lot of people! We headed to our favorite Boston gay bars, oh wait there are only like 4 or 5 bars in Boston, so we headed to some of the only gay bars in Boston like Fritz, Club Cafe and Paradise.

Above: Me and Jack! Love ya Jack!

Above: Me, Bucca and Paul.

Above: Me and Andrew.

Above: Jim Kevin and Paul.

It was so good to see friends that we have known since we started dating - Kevin and Jon being our oldest friends and closest. It was so good to see Jon and Kevin talk about some of the memories we had from years past. Jack and Charlie our also two of our good friends who I love spending time with and I am hoping Jack decides to move out to SF someday!:-) Also, we had not seen a friend of ours, Mike, in almost 2 years so that was a pleasant surprise. I have to say that I am so thankful for these friends and I hope they are all a part of my life until we are all old and gray and laugh together about all he great times we shared. I miss hanging with you guys and hope you all can make it out at some point in 2009!!

Above: LOVE these guys! Korland, Me, Will and his boyfriend Michael!

Above: Andrew and Paul.

Above: Kevin and his appropriate shirt.

Above: Love ya Josh! Josh and Mike.

Above: Me and my Joan friend Chris from NY!

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