Sunday, December 21, 2008

Holiday Reunion

Above: My brother Nathan, Me and my brother Noah.

Paul and I traveled to Boston this past Wednesday for the holidays. We will be in Boston close to two weeks! We wanted tons of snow for our trip to Boston and boy did we get snow! It has snowed three days straight and it's still snowing as I type this. Love it! I really wanted it to snow for a few never does much of anything in SF for weather - we had a stretch of 8 months with nothing but sun and fog - and Zach has never been sledding!!! So, tomorrow we will be going sledding with Zach. Zach flew in on Friday night with his mom during the brunt of the snowstorm. I was biting my nails until I heard a phone call that they were on the ground safe and sound.

Above: The heavy snowfall and entrance to our hotel.

We have so much planned for his trip, but the first big journey was me going back to my hometown of Chicopee Mass. I have not been back there in a long time and I wanted to visit my family. Paul and I embarked on the 2-hour journey from Cambridge mass to the left side of the sate. We rented a huge SUV and drove during the snowstorm - it was a fun adventure.

Above: REDRUM!

We arrived pretty quickly to our hotel in Northampton (20 miles north of Chicopee) and the hotel was snowed in, dark and eerie! We checked in and the manager of the hotel was the only one working - she looked like Shelly Duval - and our room had no internet and broken television. It was pretty freaky - it reminded me of the movie The Shining and I was waiting for jack Nicholson to come out from somewhere. Our overall stay at the hotel was pretty good and the snow factor added to the excitement.

Above: Me and my cousin Nicole.

Above: My aunt and me.

Above: Looking at Nic's awesome diverse ornaments! My fave's were her husband Mike's bizarre ornaments.

Paul and I headed to visit my cousin he next morning. I haven't seen my cousin and her family in a while even thought I chat with her often it's been years since we saw each other. It was great seeing her husband and her two adorable kids - Duffy & Cooper. We stayed at her house for quite sometime and had great conversation. An added bonus was that my aunt also stopped by and it was really great to se her as well. I am looking forward to seeing all of them this summer and having them meet Zach as well. Zach would have a blast with Duffy and Cooper as you can see by the fun picture of them below.

Above: Nic's son Duffy showing us his castle head!

Above: Nic's son Cooper showing us his guitar skills.

Above: Cooper and Duffy hamming it up for the camera!

Later that night, meet my brothers Nathan and Noah for dinner along with Nathan's girlfriend Cassie. First we stopped by their house in Chicopee and I reunited with my bros there and their dad, my stepfather of 13 years and his wife. It was really great to reconnect with everyone and go down memory land a bit looking through photos and talking about funny things we all did together in the past. It was a long overdue reunion.

Above: Cassie, my brothers girlfriend, Nathan, Me and Noah.

We all headed out to dinner and drinks and we all had a great time together hanging out and enjoying good ole Chicopee. I cannot knock the city I am from but I will say that I could never see myself living there again - we went to the "hot spot" bar in Chicopee and it was interesting to say the least. I do hope my brothers come out to SF to visit and experience more of a diverse and upbeat nightlife. All in all it was awesome seeing them and we vowed to keep in touch on a regular basis.

So far, the trip back east has been awesome. I had a great trip seeing my family and sharing the experiences with Paul ..stay tuned for more posts about our trip!!

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