Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Stone "Cold" Zoo

Above: Me, Paul and Zach at the Stone Zoo.

We went to the Stone Zoo in Stoneham Massachusetts right before Christmas. It was an outdoor zoo and park for all ages decorated in a festival holiday theme. So we all went with Zach's uncle and cousins to this Stone Zoo and it was a blast except it felt like it was 2 degrees out. I think it was about 10 degrees not including the wind chill. I don't think Zach remembered cold like that and after a while he was not having it. The best line Zach said was, "I am so cold my hands feel like nothing!' HA!

Above: Zach trying to stay warm!

Above: The beautiful snow castle.

Above: Me trying tor keep Zach warm.

We all were troopers and went through the entire Zoo even though it was so cold. To understand how cold it was they had a sign saying the Snow Leopard exhibit was closed today! It was too cold for the Snow Leopard to be outside! So we all decided to warm up with the friend dough and free hot chocolate. I was so exited for the hot chocolate. To my dismay, the hot chocolate was frozen!! And right after the fried dough was taken out of the fryer and hit the cold air it was like eating cold ice chips. It was all pretty comical.

Above: It was too cold to see the snow leopard!!

Above: Too damn cold!

Check out the ass freezing pictures of all of us!:-)

Above: Beautiful shot of a snow covered tree.

Above: Love this Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.

Above: The brood all trying to stay warm!

Above: Snow carousel

Above: Zach not too happy his ass is frozen to the horse.

Above: Zach riding the snow train with cousin Hailey.

Above: Farewell Stone Zoo!

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