Monday, December 22, 2008

Slip Sliding Away

Above: How cute is this kid!?!? Zach doing his best Vanna White!

I have been looking forward to going sledding. I LOVE sledding and it has been years since I have gone. The last time I went sledding was at an area called "Hospital Hill" - that name sums up how treacherous it really was. Sledding was something I enjoyed so much as a kid and I went as ofen as I could. Every year I would lose my glasses in teh snow and find them broken or never find them and I would end up having to wear taped up glasses or wear an old pair - accident waiting to happen! I figured I have outgrown the accident prone stage:-)

Above: Fresh Pond Park in Cambridge Mass.

Above: Paul and Zach making there way through the cold and snow.

Above: Zach and Paul ready to slide down the hill.

Above: Paul and Zach coasting down Fresh Pond Park hill.

Zach has never been sledding until now! I was very excited to get him on a sled and fly down a hill with him. I was a bit unsure how he would react to sledding...

Above: Zach and me ready to tackle the slopes!

Above: Zach and me in mid-air after going over a large jump on the slope.

Above: I lost Zach after the jump and I crashed out, falling off the sled.

Above: Both Zach and I were all smiles and loved our adventure down the hill - we were ready for more!

...thankfully after the first trial run down a smaller slope, Zach was laughing and excited to try it again. So we spend the day freezing but having fun sliding down the hills in Cambridge. We even went over the jumps and bigger hills with some success staying on the sled and fling off the sled as well.

We are going to go sledding a few more times before we head back to San Francisco!

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Michael Rivers said...

Looks like fun! You have such a great blog. I'm so glad I found it. I'm just getting starting in the blogging world and you are giving me a lot of ideas! Happy Holidays and enjoy the snow before heading back home!