Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays 2008

Above: I took this picture on our way into Boston a few days before Christmas.

The Holidays were a great!! Christmas Day was spent at Paul's moms with his entire family, he has a large family and it was chaotic, but that's what the holidays are all about! The food was great and fun was had by all. The Yankee Swap this year was not as exciting as last years when I won $500, I did get scratch tickets in the swap but only won 4.00 and I got a great male grooming kit!

Above: Zach and Me at the dinner table.

Above: Paul and Zach opening gifts!

Above: Zach trying to figure out one of his new toys.

I got a great new camera zoom lens from Paul along with some great clothes! I got Paul a GPS for our car and some other small trinkets. Zach got so much that he has not played with every thing yet. I think his fave toys are the digital camera, police racing helmet, castle and the car that drives on the wall and the ceiling! He has yet to crack into so many other gifts.

Above: A look of surprise!

Above: A look of wonder.

Above: Zach trying out his new digital camera.

The holidays were even better with the snow, it really felt like the holidays. The day after Christmas we had a great dinner with Zach's cousin Hailey and her mom and husband up in there amazing house in Lawrence Mass. It was a blast!

Above: Jody, Hailey and Chris.

Above: Zach's cousin Hailey, aunt Marlene, cousin Andrew and uncle Mike.

Above: The entire brood eating the Christmas feast!

Above: A winter wonderland!

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