Friday, January 11, 2008

The year of Joan

Most everyone that knows me knows that I am a Joan Crawford fanatic. Well, now the world can see it in black and white! I was recently featured in the 2008 spring issue of Out Traveler magazine on my Joan Crawford collection and my popular Joan Crawford Website! It's kind of funny how many people that I know have seen the article without even telling them about it. I never though a little article would generate so many emails but I have already received so many emails and compliments it's a bit overwhelming.

Above: Me at Grauman's Chinese Theater in late 2007 placing my hands in Joan's handprints.

Next month I will also be featured on several Joan Crawford DVD releases. I will be speaking on in mini documentaries about Joan in the special features section of the DVDs, so I can only image the buzz the site will receive from that as well.

My book is still chugging along - it's a lot of work, headaches and waiting and I am being patient. I am glad it has taken this long because it has helped me acquire more content to make the book even better. If all goes well the book will be released at the end of this year!

Above: Click the above photo to read the blurb and see a picture of me and my collection.


Dulcette. said...
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Patrick Lentz Photography said...

oh awesome! I will have to find that magazine tomorrow!!!

Anonymous said...

That is SO cool!