Friday, January 4, 2008

Wacky Weather

Above: A map of the storm we are experiencing right now. NASTY!

San Francisco usually has the most amazing weather but we are being pummeled with a nasty storm it's pretty much a tropical storm with winds over 70MPH! There was no power at work today which is nice to have the day off but I have not seen a storm like this in a long time! Paul and I were driving around in it this morning and we saw so many people blowing around the streets trying to stay under their umbrellas (ella ella eh eh sorry I couldn't help myself) and the umbrellas were just blowing around the streets. We are supposed to get heavy rains all week I will be taking pictures with my new camera of the mass destruction and floods!! I feel a little like Anderson Cooper except I am a hell of a lot more brave hen he is, he can't even come out of the closet!

Ella ella eh eh eh eh.

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