Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I AM Voting!

I have never voted in my life. I have never been motivated to vote for anyone – everyone that has been President of the Untied States, as long as I have been old enough to vote, has not appealed to me at all. Since I have been old enough to vote only Clinton and George W Bush have been in office. And when Bill Clinton was running for President I was only 18, so that really doesn’t count. And no way in hell would I vote for George W. Bush – many did and I am sure they have regretted it. So this is the first election where I am old enough to understand what the candidates are saying and old enough to WANT to vote.

That being said, I think this election coming up is probably going to be the most exciting election in a long time and probably my lifetime. I am registered to vote in California and I am really looking forward to this year’s election.

Above: Can Hillary pull it off?

I have to say I am torn between the two front-runners for the Democratic Party – Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. I would be happy with either one of them being in the White House but I do have some concerns that I have not heard any mention of. I don’t think the press is brave enough to raise a few flags about Obama. I have been reading about Obama and his stance and I have listened to him speak. He’s a very moving speaker and I really am engaged when he speaks. He’s very young and has a young family and speaks of change and is quite charming. He is the modern day JFK. JFK and Obama have so many similaritiesit’s that are quite uncanny. I really feel that if Obama becomes the first black president of the United States that he will be a walking target. A crazy person killed JFK, certain people hated JFK because he was so loved and admired and was changing the world for the better. Obama would be in the same boat as Kennedy. So many people are still living back in the 1800s in his country and I guarantee there would be a group of white men trying to knock off Obama if he became President; it’s almost too predictable. In many areas of this country people still think blacks should be slaves. It’s quite sad but it’s a reality. That’s my biggest concern for Obama and this country; we would be setting up another great tragedy like Kennedy and Martin Luther King. I would love to see an African American male become President, I am all for it. I also love that he is a young President with a young family.

Above: Our future President?

On the other hand, I really like Hillary Clinton. To have a woman in charge in the White House would be awesome. I have always liked Hillary and what she stood for. She’s one of the most powerful women in this country. I saw an interview with her before the New Hampshire primaries, she had just lost Iowa and for the first time I saw her be herself and open up to the public and it was refreshing. She was not robotic and she poured her heart out and it worked. If Hillary can just be herself she will win the election. It pissed me off hat after she lost Iowa the press totally ruled her out and placed Obama and Edwards as the two candidates to watch and pretty much told Hillary to quit now. Not so fast. She’s in this race and I do believe it’s hers to win.

Above: Give it up Mitt!

As far as McCain goes – he’s too old. Most men don’t live past 80 years old and his clock is almost up. Romney is a joke and I have a bit of fun information about one of his Mormon sons but Paul would not let me post it. Paul knew his son Matt and I think if I posted what I have PerezHilton and CNN would be eating it up! Huckabee is a joke and a few fellow co-workers and myself have already agreed that if he becomes President we are fleeing the country. Giuliani should save his money and focus on who his next wife is going to be.

Above: Matt Romney - he does have a"gay face" doesn't he?

Anyway, it will be an exciting year to watch all this politics and be a small part of it. This election is really the election of my lifetime and I am hoping it will make a difference for the younger generation.

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