Thursday, January 24, 2008

Project Runway Predictions

Well, it’s down to the final six on my favorite reality television show, Project Runaway. I am pleased with most of the six contestants that are left, the season has been somewhat boring but I still enjoy the show. Below are my predictions for he next six contestants!!!

#6 Cry Baby - Ricky

Ok, this guy is pathetic! I know I picked him as one of my favorites after watching the first episode but he is my least favorite now. The pint size Ricky has cried on EVERY single episode – what gives? Not only does he cry at the drop of a hat (the hats he wears are brutal by the way) but also everything he has designed is garbage, he does not deserve to be in the final six. I am predicting (and praying) he is voted off next week. There’s no crying in fashion designing!!!

#5 Big Gay Diva – Chris

Chris has been really lucky on the show, he was voted off earlier but was brought back when one contestant fell ill and had to leave. I like Chris – I think he is funny, has great ideas, loves the old Hollywood divas AND he lives in San Francisco!!! He even gave a shout out to Joan Crawford on the show. I do think he will come up short from making the top 4. He seems to fall into mimicking showboat fashions from the past and he seems to be walking on thin ice with the judges. Love ya Chris!

#4 Tattoo You – Sweet P

I never would have thought Sweet P would have made it as far as she has. She was one of the ones that I had slated to go home much earlier but she has grown on the judges and on me. Her fashion styles start off terrible and she somehow manages to whip them into an amazing garment after Tim Gunn criticizes her garment. She’s smart by taking his advice, which most designers have not done in the past. I am predicting Sweet P will make it to the Top 4.

#3 Curly Sue – Jillian

Jillian by far has been the most talented female designer of the bunch this year. I love her sense of style and her approach to her designs. The one thing that will kill her is she over extends herself, she barley finishes her outfits because she is putting herself through so many challenging designs, sometimes it works BUT she is starting to crack and I think that will keep her from winning BUT she should be a shoe in for the top three and showcasing her collection at Bryant park for the finale.

#2 Sexy Designer- Rami

I have to admit even though Rami is controlling, thickheaded and doesn’t take constructive criticism well, I like him. I really think he will have a career after the show. He is a seasoned desinger and has the talent to make some really classic and innovative designs. He has the confidence to pull of an amazing collection which we will all get to see when he is at Bryant Park for he finale. He could pull the rug out from under Christian.

#1 The Bitch – Christian

Ok, this bitch really got on my nerves at the beginning of the show and he still does BUT he is funny as shit and he is by far the most talented designer on the show. Christian has the most creativity and fashion forward thinking of the bunch and I believe he will win. the only thing that could fuck him up is his age and his immaturity, he's only 21 and very cocky it could bite him in the ass. I am looking forward to seeing his collection go down the runway at Bryant Park. I am sure it won’t be a big Tranny mess!!

Carry on!


David Dust said...

Bizarro Ricky wins!

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Anonymous said...

I think your spot on with your prediction and take on the final 6. Christian needs to get overhimself but he has consistently turned out some amazing designs. Whats your take on Bravos Make Me a Super Model?


Menky said...

Thanks Frank!

I watched Make Me a Supermdel once and couldn't keep watching - after they told the ultra skinny girl she needed to lose weight - I almost got sick. Nice eye candy though!