Monday, January 7, 2008

Bon Voyage Binky

Above: One last taste before letting go.

The time is here. We have been prepping Zebra (Zach) for his 4th birthday. We have been telling him on his fourth birthday that we have to send his binky's away. I told him a few months ago that we are going to tie his binky's onto a bunch of balloons and let them go. I know he was dreading it but it had to be done. Yesterday the deed was done. Poor Zeebs - imagine having something your WHOLE life and having to let it go and say goodbye to it. Kinda sad....but we all have to go through the feeling of loss at some point I guess.

Above: There it goes!!!

Above: Watching the binky float away...

....up, up and away..... last look.

Above: I almost didn't post this picture because it really is so sad.
He truly was sad but the picture captures the moment so well.


Patrick Lentz Photography said...

wow...what a great idea, and a great photo essay!

Menky said...

Thanks Patrick! The new camera is AMAZING!!

KK said...

This kid has great hair!