Sunday, January 27, 2008

Double-Booked Holiday Party!

Above: There was a photo booth at the party and people could go in and take fun pictures! Paul and I ham it up early in the evening.

My work holiday party didn't happen before the holidays due to our original party being "double-booked!" So, our holiday party was last night and it was a blast. It was at this trendy modern bar/lounge/restaurant called Frisson. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. It was a great time even though it is STILL raining in SF. We are all celebrating before we start building our arks!:-)

Above: Shannon, Me and Maggy in the photo booth!

Above: No, that's not Rihanna! Audry and Me - isn't she beautiful!

Above: My girls! Mags and Shannon are stunning!

Above: We didn't plan to match so well! Me and Maggy.

Above: Me, Paul, Dan and Maggy looking pretty darn stylish!

Above: Amanda workin' her groove out!

Above: Henna tattoos were available for anyone who wanted a
Henna artist to get creative on their body.

Above: More photo booth moments.Who's hand is that!?

Above: Tracey attacks the dessert tray! Caught ya!

Above: Me and Cristiano show off some impressive smiles.

Above: Laura, Amanda and Maggy singing and dancing to "I Like Big Butts!"

Above: New friends Paul and Audry share a moment.

Above: The Supermodels - Shannon M. and her guest!

Above: Glassy-eyed Shannon, Jordan and Laura at the end of the party...

To see more pictures from the party go to my Facebook profile at the link below (note you must have a profile on Facebook and be bookmarked as a "friend" of mine to view the photos.


Anonymous said...

It looks like u and Maggy coordinated outfits.


Menky said...

I swear we didn't but I am glad it turned out that way. After looking at the pictures, I shouldn't have double-vested it! LOL