Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rainy School Days

Above: Zach (middle) with his friends "Q" (Quentin) and Justin.

It has been VERY rainy here in San Francisco - I mean DOWN POURS! I am still up in the air to whether or not I prefer the rain or the snow...I guess the rain but everything is so damn wet!! Poor Zachary and his schoolmates have been trapped inside at school for a while now not really able to play outside in the wet weather. Here are some great pictures of Zach and his classmates enjoying playing inside at school.

Above: Maia and Zach work on their art projects.

Above: Zach gets a good laugh from his pal Justin.

Above: Zach keeps a good distance from him and the pet frogs!

Above: Zach's classmates Ayden, Maia, Quentin, Zach, Ryland and Justin.

Above: Zach spelling letters from his name out of wooden sticks.

Above: Zach doodling

Above: Justin and Zach playing a tune on the keyboard.

Above: Zach shows-off his talking R2-D2 for show and tell.

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