Monday, November 26, 2007

Please "Don't" Grow Up!

Above: Father and Son taking a time out.

This past weekend was a blast. Zachary is going to be four-years-old on January 3rd and this past year Zach has grown in so many ways. It's so fascinating to watch someone grow from a baby that can’t walk or talk into this really cool kid with a personality and intelligence. It's really amazing to me to see this. It happens to all of us (well SOME people never do develop intellectually:-) but it's truly amazing to watch a person grow, learn and experience things for he first time. Bottom line: I don’t want Zach to grow up!!! Paul and I love him at this age and if we could keep him this age forever I think we would. He's such a good kid. There are bratty kids, kids that don’t have creativity or patience or the ability to entertain themselves. Zach is just all around a really good, smart, loving kid and I love it.

Above: Zach and me playing in the sand.

So this past weekend, Zach entertained himself on Saturday with his Star Wars Pez...Zach loves Star Wars (more on Star Wars in an up coming post). Paul and I were just watching him play with the action figures and Pez people and he was being so creative and we both remembered when we used to play with action figures as kids and used to make up our little imaginary adventures with them. It's really touching to see Zach do that and look back on yourself as a child and remember those days when things were simple and your dreams and adventures would flow thru these plastic action figures.

On Sunday, we went to our old-standby - Dolores Park. Such a great place. We pushed Zach in the stroller to the park but on the way home Zach was complaining about the stroller saying "I think I am too big for this stroller now." He is. He's growing and before we all know it he will be a big kid, a teenager, a young man. It goes by fast and I know everyone involved in Zach's life is watching this wonderful child, watching him grow and thrive and it really is a beautiful thing.

Above: One of my new favorite pictures of Paul.

Above: Me making a silly face as I push Zach on the swing.

Above: Zach playing with his new friend, Sebastian.

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