Thursday, November 15, 2007

Project Runway Begins!

My favorite television show debuted last night - Project Runway! Great show, if your not watching it - watch it now! It's on Bravo and they play the episodes non-stop so if you miss one you can easily catch up.

The first show of the 4th Season did not disappoint. We were introduced to the FIFTEEN designers all vying for the top prize of a fashion spread in Elle Magazine, a car, 100,000 to start their own fashion line AND the exposure of winning the show. The majority of the cast members this season appear to be more seasoned and educated on fashion. The male cast is 90% gay, which is just begging for a catfight, or several "hook-ups" during the show. I can smell the drama!

Ever Thursday, I will post my thoughts on the show and discuss who made it work and who missed the bus!

Last nights bottom three:

Above: Tricky Ricky is already an established designer

My favorite designer so far is Ricky - I thought he was the underdog until I read his profile - he already has his own line of lingerie at Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom’s...huh..why is he on the show? Hmmmmm, anyway - I still like him and his style. His design last night was a cute baby doll dress, which was simple and safe, but you could see he knows what he is doing when assembling an outfit. He thankfully survived the cut.

Above: I am hoping she has to make a granola gown!

Everyone loves a little crazy and Elisa brings it to the show. This 42-year-old flower child is going to be one of the highlights of the show - she is loonier than SJ! Her design last night was abysmal and she was destined to be in the bottom three - but she showed a creative side to her - she has a vision of her own and that's what kept her from going home! Keep an eye on this loony bird.

Above: Simone didn't measure up and was the first one cut!

Beautiful Simone looked fragile from the start and she also appeared to be a little "green" in the designing department. Her dress was by far the worst last night and she deserved to go home. Pretty, timid and shy will not get you far on the catty runway. See ya Simone!

Last Nights Top Three:

Above: Victorya could be the darkhorse this season.

Victorya is the only Asian on the show and she is already showing trademark signs. Determined, committed and hard as nails on herself. Her dress was cute, mod and probably the most original out of everyone’s. She is the wild card in this show of someone that could shock us all. She came in third but watch I am sure she will be vying for the top spot on several episodes.

Above: The one to hate this season the drama lovin' hater, Chrisian.

Oh watching catty Christian can see the insecurities of a young queen displayed on national television. He is obnoxious, catty, mean and so full of himself it's unreal but at 21 years old what do you expect? Don’t like him - he is going to be the one that causes all the trouble on the show. His design last night was gross. I was shocked the judges liked it - I am not sure who in the world would wear it but - it was one of my least faves. He came in second - and seemed none to pleased that he was beat by a much taller queen!

Above: Rami is a shoe-in to be in the final three - mark my words.

Last nights winner was Rami, which was not too surprising - he has the taste, skill and confidence to win the whole show. I am already predicting him to be in the final three - you can just see he has what it takes. His outfit was not the greatest looking but it was executed perfectly. The dress looked like a modern day statue of liberty. Grey and dull won this chap immunity for next weeks show!

My least favorite designer so far:

Above: Jack uses Mariah Carey's retoucher - typical castro queen!

I love how the reality shows always have a token person with a hot body - in this case it's Jack. He does have a great body but what the hell happen to his face. Every time he was on the TV screen I literally was scared shitless! The picture of him above is so retouched I hardly recognize him. He looks like he has been taking steroids for too many years. Jack and Christian are the ones to hate this season on PJ4!!!


Patrick Lentz Photography said...

It's one of my favorite shows too. This cast seems to be a bit too flamboyant overall. I prefer only a few "freaks" per season, but this season most everyone is a "freak". haha

Frank said...

But its amazing what they can do with such time constraints...Oh my God your right about Jack! LOL. He is hot..but from a distance and with the right kind of lighting..truly frieghtening up close. Age is not going to kind with him if he is just 39! Is it me or does he look like he had some work done?