Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Summer Box!

Last week, Paul and Carrie went to Zach's school to show off a summer book that Carrie and Zach constructed with photos and other tidbits from over the course of this year. It is a very cool scrapbook! Below are some pictures of them at school with Zachary telling the class about Zach's summer book. I love these pictures. Zach looks incredibly happy..look at his big smile!!!

Since the year is almost over..below are some of my favorite pictures
of Zachary at school in 2007!

Above: Maya and Zach - great picture!

Above: Teacher Holly helps Zach construct a roof!

Above: Panda Man!

Above: Great smile!

Above: Working in the rice fields!

Above: Show and Tell!

Above: Reading a book to his classmates.

Above: Great look Zach!

Above: I am glad this project was at school!!

Above: Dragon Days!

Above: Dance party!

Above: Sir Elton Zachary John - son!


Patrick Lentz Photography said...

Cute! I wish I had wonderful parents at that age (or any age) :O**

Carrie said...

Cutest. Kid. Ever. Thanks for saving up all of those great photos from school.

Menky said...

I second that! He is the cutest kid ever:-)