Monday, November 12, 2007

Yerba Buena Gardens

Above: I love this picture of Zach - he looks so "grown-up."

Yesterday, Paul, Zach and I headed to Yerba Buena Gardens. It's a pretty fun place for kids they have a slew of activities that we all could enjoy! We had been here briefly before but we really didn’t explore everything. The first place we headed was a place called Zeum. This place was filled with creative projects that kids and adults could enjoy. When we first walked in there was a large area with several different costumes for everyone to try on. Zach had three costume changes during his visit: Policeman, Robot and Construction Worker. Check out his many looks below and all the activities we explored:-)

Above: Yerba Buena Gardens! Look at how blue the sky was, it was a beautiful day!

Above: Future cop ... or...

Above: of the few remaining members of The Village People?

Above: The Village People!!!

Above: Robot Zach

Above: Construction worker with big brown eyes!

Above: ANOTHER memeber of The Village People!! Zach had a blast singing!

Above: Artwork

Above: A fun foot labyrinth.

Above: This was a really cool audio visual play station.

Above: Follow the "Yellow" Brick Road!


Above: Beautiful.

Above: So serious.

Above: A great day!!!!


PJ said...

A great time was had by all!

Patrick Lentz Photography said...

Ya'll should get Zach into modeling!