Sunday, December 2, 2007

Zach's First Christmas Party

Above: Paul, Zach and me at Zach's first Holiday party.

Last night we took Zachary to his first "grown-up" Christmas Party! Our friends troy and Richard had a beautiful Christmas party. Paul and I bought Zach a really cute outfit and dress shoes and we all dressed up and headed out the the Christmas party. The party was in a beautiful penthouse and it overlooked the entire city - really amazing. Zach was amazed at the views and had a blast at the party. Zach expressed an interest in some of the party goers playing pool and showed early signs of becoming a pool shark!

Above: I ain't messin' with this pool shark!

There were a few other kids and the party that were older but I do have to say Zach behaved the best. Many people not only complimented how adorable he was but how well behaved he was. Several other party-goers stated they could never bring their four-year-old to a party like this and not have them be disruptive. Zach was perfect! He was the belle of the ball! LOL I don't mind being trumped by Zach! HA!

Are you 21?

Above:High-class par-tay!

Above: Zeebs holds it together as he gives his heartbreaking pouting look!

Above: Troy and Richard's beautiful Christmas tree!

Above: Zach passed out at the party! Nice socks!


Anonymous said...

Zachs outfit is adorable..the red socks were a nice touch.

That party looked tres chic, seems u have made the San Francisco A-list.


Menky said...

The "Red Sox (Socks)" were Paul's idea:-) It was fun dressing up Zach in a dressy outfit.

The party was very chic - we seem to fall into the A lister crowds don't we? Hope all is well Frank!

Anonymous said...

Zachary looks adorable. He's looking more and more like his Dad!