Saturday, December 15, 2007

Triple Sou Cow

Above: Carrie, Zach and me on the ice.

Paul and I met Carrie, Ciara and Zach at the San Francisco Zoo to go ice-skating this past Friday. Zach was a bit reluctant to get on the ice and was a bit cranky BUT Carrie and I managed to get Zach on the ice and he did an okay job, it’s really hard trying to get a four-year-old to stand on a pair of skates. Carrie helped Ciara on the ice and Ciara did an awesome job of saying on her skates.

Above: Everyone's trying to get Zach's skates on.

Above: Carrie and Zach on the ice.

I have not been on the ice in over 10 years. When I was six years old I expressed an interest in ice-skating to my parents and they signed my up for hockey, I was thinking more of figure skating but my parents had visions of their son being a hockey player, not a figure skater☺ I excelled at hockey, was pretty good at it – was even better at skating. I could do jumps and skate front wards, backwards, sideways with skill. After almost two seasons of playing hockey, I had a minor head injury on the ice and my mom took me out of hockey saying it was “too rough” for me..sigh..what coulda been!! So after I was pulled from hockey I still wanted to skate so every winter my mom would have an ice-skating rink “made” in our backyard. It was great and a ton of fun. I would skate as much as I could and I would try and help my brothers to skate as well.

Above: Me (red hat) and my brother Nathan in our backyard in 1981.
I am helping my brother learn how to skate.

So being on the ice again was a ton of fun for me and I just skated around for a while. Carrie was saying it’s like riding a bike, you never forget how to do it – I think I’ll look into a local hockey team☺

Above: Zach exits the ice looking rather grumpy!

Below is a video of me on the ice being a goof! Enjoy:-)


Patrick Lentz Photography said...

haha! Nice to see you on video!

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that it was about 65 degrees while you were on the ice - not like when you used to skate as a kid!

Patrick Lentz Photography said...

You'll have to skate at the Frog Pond when you come back to Boston...when it's 23 degrees!

Menky said...

For sure!! Great idea Patrick:-) See you soon!