Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Continues...

Above: Zach and I look at some new Star Wars guys that Santa bought. San Francisco! Zachary Enjoyed getting presents in Boston from Santa but he also had presents waiting for him in San Francisco as well! Zachary came back today from spending a few days in Disneyland with Carrie, Iggy and Ciara! How fun it must have been for him to go to Disneyland around the holidays!

Above: Zach overjoyed at his new Millennium Falcon!

Now that Zach is back he was all excited to talk about his visit at Disneyland BUT he noticed Santa had left him more presents! he was very excited to see more presents and whis[ered in my ear, "Can I open those presents!"

Above: Zach marvels over his new Ewok!

**NOTE: Check out how clear and crisp these pictures are, they are with my new camera:-)

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