Sunday, December 9, 2007

Star Wars

Above: One of Zach's Christmas presents coming from Santa!

The Star Wars films are some of Paul's and my favorite movies. We have been sharing them with Zach over the past few months and he is hooked! It's been great watching the Star Wars films with Zach because we all can enjoy them!! So, Zach asked Santa for some Star Wars guys - both Paul and I owned several Star Wars guys when we were young but of course we no longer have them. I found a large lot or original Star Wars guys ( the same guys Paul and I used to play with) on eBay. I think I am more excited to get them than Zach is - Zach doesn't know that "Santa" has these but he keeps saying he wants Star Wars guys from Santa. I cannot wait for him to get this great set of vintage Star Wars guys. We all will be playing with then:-)

Paul and I went Christmas shopping last night and I went over the top but what the hell, Christmas is all about kids, right? So, we bought a Star Wars Ewok village and several other Star Wars figures and a bunch of other stuff. I cannot wait until Christmas!! :-)

Above: Can you name which guys these are from the Star Wars films?

I finally learned how to use the video feature on my camera (we'll sorta, as you can see the video is sideways) - so you all will be seeing a lot of video clips posted to the blog. Check out the first semi-successful video I took of Zach playing with his Star Wars Pez guys last week. Isn't he the cutest thing ever!? Sorry the video is sideways, I still have a lot to learn with video recording!

In this video, Zach is playing with Star Wars Pez but he is singing the Superman theme which is very similar to the Star Wars theme. The cutest part of the video is when I ask him which Star Wars character is his favorite. Cutest kid ever!


Mike T said...

He's so cute!!

Anonymous said...

Note to cameraman: rotate camera
45 degrees.

Zach is adorable.


Anonymous said...

I second that....He is adorable!

Patrick Lentz Photography said...

Now show us your Barbie collection. :o)