Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Yo Ho Ho & A Bottle of Rum!

Above: Zach struting his stuff on his way to the Pirate Festival!

This past weekend in Northern California they were having a large Pirates event where everyone got dressed up and enjoyed pirate festivities. Zach is a huge fan of pirates so Paul and I thought it would be fun to take Zach to this event and be with other kids that liked pirates. We gathered up Zach’s pirate costume, which consists of a really cool velvet jacket with skull and crossbones and matching hat and a nifty eye patch.

Above: Zach struggles with the wind as he unfolds his handmade Pirate Map!

After riding in the car for an hour to our destination, Zachary asked if we were there yet and to his surprise, we were. The event took place on the water and it was very windy. We were shocked to see just how many people turned out for this event and how many of them were adults dressed in full pirate garb. It was very impressive.

Zach was all excited and marched with confidence in his pirate costume. Most everyone that saw Zach commented on how adorable he was and doted on his costume. The sea of pirates swarmed along the oceanfront. As soon as we arrived a pirate who looked exactly like Captain jack from “Pirates of the Caribbean” was giving a show and we watched the humorous pirate skit.

Zach had a blast and he even got a new wooden pirate sword. It was a great time and its a great age for Zach he is discovering new things he likes all the time. His favorite things, besides pirates are firemen, cars, Spiderman and Superman. A typical healthy 3 ½ year old boy.

Above: Zach has too much rum!


Anonymous said...

He is the cutest little boy....

Menky said...

I agree, he's the cutest!!