Friday, June 8, 2007

Red Sox Love

Above: On the field. Dice-K Matsuzaka, Manny, Wily Mo Pena and Terry Francona

This past Tuesday I went with Paul, our new friend Matt and Paul to the Oakland Baseball Stadium to see the Red Sox play the Oakland A’s. On our way to the Red Sox game we took the BART, which is the local subway system, we took it from San Francisco to Oakland. The train has to go under the water in order to get to Oakland, which is pretty cool. While we were on the train, Paul sat next to this woman who is an Oakland A’s fan and she told Paul, “You CAN'T sit next to me, you’re a Red Sox fan!” Paul looked at the woman and they both started to laugh. We all started talking and got into a big conversation about baseball. After 20 minutes on the train, Paul had made a new best friend, Beverly. By the end of teh train ride, Beverly and Paul had already made plans to play hooky the next day from work to go to another Sox/A’s game. I thought it was really cool to see a gay man in his thirties and a woman in her 50s get togetehr so well, she’s a correctional officer, they made friends so quickly. That kind of friendliness and openness can only happen in San Fran!

Above: Paul and new friend Beverly on the Bart!

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