Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Gay Pride in San Francisco!

Above: Me, Zach and Paul enjoying Pride 2007.

Gay Pride was this weekend in San Francisco and as I have heard it’s the biggest gay pride in the country. I have only been to Boston Gay Pride and it is pretty low-key and the weather most the times hinders the turnout. Last year it poured in Boston for pride and the year before that it was extremely humid. I am also not a huge gay pride person; I could take it or leave it. I understand the importance of it and all but I am not into waving a rainbow flag around or waving prancing down the street in a parade. Not my thing.

Above: (left to right) Will, Kurt, Paul in back, Scott(center) Aaron in back and Terry far right
at Kevin's house party. Tons of fun!

On Saturday, Paul and I went to a few house parties in the city, two of our softball teammates were having house parties and we had a good time at both of those parties. We hung out with other teammates, drank and enjoyed a lot of laughs. When we decided to leave the second house party to go get some dinner, the streets of the Castro were bustling and it turned terribly cold by nightfall. So we all scurried to this Chinese restaurant as all ten of us were starving. This was probably one of the worst Chinese restaurant any of us have been to..the service was beyond slow, one of our buds Jeff had a beer spilled on him and we waited for our food for a good hour. We all had fun though, laughing our asses off. We then decided to go to the block party that was covering most of the Castro, there were wall to wall people and the crowd seemed very sketchy, many lesbians in the crowd and of course we saw many fighting, what a shock! You know I will never understand why lesbians are always fighting or arguing about something, it blows my mind. So we all decided to skip the block party and we all chilled at one of our friends place. It was a very low key Saturday but fun.

Above: Roofdeck party at Mark and Joe's. that's Terry to the far right.
It was packed, I barely saw the hosts!

Above: The crew once again!

Sunday was the day of the big pride parade and we wanted to take Zachary with us. Zachary was looking forward to the parade when we picked him up. He doesn’t seem to like big crowds or loud music so we were not expecting to stay long. Zach was pretty overwhelmed by the entire spectacle; so much to look at and there was a lot to see! He had a great time, one of the things that he found most interesting was this little dog dressed in a pink tutu, he was laughing and wondering why he dog had clothes on. So the man gave Zach a pink lollipop and said, “here you go young man.” So the rest of the day Zach was referring to himself as a young man. It was very cute and funny to see Zach calling himself a young man, almost proud and happy that he was called a young man and not a kid or a baby. I tell ya, that boy wants to grow up too fast!

Above: Paul and Zach headed to the center of the chaos!

Above: The dog in the pink tutu and the man who called Zach a "young man."

Above: Paul and Zach watching the Pride Parade.

So the next day Zach went to school and his teacher took the below photo of him. You take the kid to one gay pride parade and look what happens!!!

Above: Zach in semi-drag! HA!

Below are many more pictures from gay Pride 2007! Check 'em out!

Above: Balloon Boys!

Above: A couple is walking around almost bare ass in the train station.

Above: I love this picture, a band playing while going up the escalator.

Above: Half man half Reindeer...

Above: Cool Mohawk!

Above: Sigh. I will let you try to guess what this picture is...
it's a man dressed as a golden shower. Leave it to the gays!

Above: Hot Mess of the Week: Look very closely! Oye Vey!

Above: Loungin!

Above: And we will end it with the "end."


Patrick said...

gee......did the teacher put that outfit on Zach? Are you going to sue? :o)

Menky said...

LOL. I think Zachary put the outfit on himself.