Monday, June 18, 2007


Above: A great hitter, first base player and teammate, Jen Mac leaves the Pups.

I wasn't going to write a post about this, but I got a few emails and even a comment about it in the Father's Day Post below AND I heard a lot of comments about it last night at the bar from fellow teammates and from the opposing team.

Sunday, Father's Day, was a beautiful day in San Francisco and Paul and I both had softball games to play, but at different times. Paul dropped me off at my 10:15am game and most of the players were there which was very cool. Two of our players are leaving, Jen -moving to Columbia CA and Johnathan - going to Spain for a while, but still playing for the Pups. They are both great people and players and I will miss them even though I have only known them a short time.

Above: Although Johnathan is not leaving the Pups,
he will be travelling the world for the rest of the softball season.

Our team, the Pups, played his team called "Treat." I really like the color of their uniforms because they are the baby blue color of my former Boston team, The Brushbacks. So far since I have been playing in California I have "toned down" my competitive nature that I was well-known for in Boston. I have been very low-key rooting my fellow teammates on and truly enjoying the game and impressed with my own improvement in playing this year.

Right when I started playing against the Treat I knew they were going to be an obnoxious team, they had annoying chants and they didn't come off to friendly. This is all fine and good but when your playing against a team that gives off this vibe it makes you want to beat them even more. The game started off well with both teams playing well, hitting great and scoring runs. By the last inning we were up seven runs and looked like we had the game in the bag. Like I have learned in softball and professional sports, it's not over till it's over and the Treat had started racking up runs and the score was now 13-12. Although we were still winning, there was only one out and they had enough runners on base to win the game.

The tying run of the game was running towards home plate, I am the catcher on the team so I whipped off my mask, got in front of the plate and attempted to catch the ball. I have played this position for 3 years now and I know not to stand on the plate or get in the way, I have learned this. As the runner was coming in and the ball was coming towards me I reached for the ball and tried to tag the runner at the same time but he came in safe. End of play.... or it should have been. After the other team scored the tying run you would think the team would be excited, which they were and you would think the coach would be even more excited about this. Nah! The coach decided to start playing the umpire and start telling me what I already know about the game and yelling his head off. At this point I had already had enough with this lame coach, earlier in the game he called his OWN team members idiots, which I found way off base for a coach. So as he was yelling at me I stood up took a few steps toward him and told him to FUCK OFF!!! I turned back to the game and started to play. No big deal he deserved it.

After I did that I didn't think anything of it because, frankly, it was not the first time nor will it be the last time I tell someone off on the ball field. My old teammates in Boston would have rolled their eyes and thought nothing off and in this case, would have patted me on the ass and said, he deserved it. My current teammates were pretty impressed that I stuck up and told the guy off and I didn’t realize how impressed and shocked they were until that night after softball when we all had drinks and I heard so many remarks about it. Good remarks as in the guy deserved it and it's about time someone told him where to go. I did also hear that the coach on Treat aplogized for mouthing off and I appreciate the apology. It was a blast playing your team and I hope that were are granted with a rematch. I also hope you will learn to enoy the game more.

Above: Some of the Pups at the Pilsner Inn, the Pups sponsor.

All in all my teammates are getting to know me a bit better and I am getting recognized not only for my bubble ass in my tight softball pants but for my "Don't Fuck with me fellas" attitude. The Pups are a great team and I am really getting to know a lot of he players. Here's to many more softball games and "Fuck you's!"


PJ said...

It looks like I won the bet that Neil would get into his first softball-related fight before the end of June... actually, anybody who knows him well knows this was a sure-thing! I am just surpised that it wasn't a lesbian or someone named Gus.

Patrick said...

I think the SF League needs someone like Neil to shake it up a bit !

Menky said...

Why do I always get in fights with lesbians?