Friday, June 8, 2007

Paris Hilton

Above: A picture of Paris Hilton wailing in a police car on her way back to jail.

What a media frenzy over Paris Hilton this week. She went to jail early this week, she was released from jail yesterday and now she was sent BACK to jail just minutes ago. Why is the public so fixated on Paris Hilton going to jail for 45 days? Does she deserve it?


The public loves to see celebrities go down. We love to see the mighty fall and Paris has fallen. The rich bitch with no talent has been waving her money, her boney ass and her semi-decent looks on TV and radio. She also has been driving recklessly around the streets of LA while drinking on several occasions. That alone is enough to teach someone a lesson. Paris is going to jail for a good reason, to teach her that she cannot get away with breaking the law, that she is human like the rest of us and sometimes you have to pay the price for your stupidity.

Some people may say that celebrities are being used as examples...Martha Stewart who went to jail for obstructing justice and lying to investigators during an insider trading probe and Lil' Kim who went to jail for lying under oath about a murder. If these two women were not celebrities they still would have gone to jail. Paris, if she were not a psudo- celebrity, would probably have been issued her 5th DUI, so this would be her 6th DUI. That's more than enough to go to jail and it will hopefully teach her a valuable lesson. Don't Drink and Drive!

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